Security and responsibility

Staking is a safe way to benefit from owning cryptocurrencies.

Solana blockchain protocol ensures the complete safety of your funds:

  • Solana Validator do not have access to your assets.
  • The validator cannot refuse to pay you a staking reward – the distribution is automatic.
  • You can un-delegate SOLs from validator’s node at any time, even if stake is offline. You will be able to manage your funds the next Solana epoch (2-3 days).

However, you should be aware of the security risks that apply to all digital assets in general:

  • Reliable access to your wallet and responsibility for the safety of your password and seed phrase is yours alone.
  • The volatility of a coin can lead to price drawdowns, that is, the equivalent of staked coins in your local currency can both rise and fall.
  • Delegate coins only through known wallets. Beware of phishing and never send funds to a validator directly.

With Cryptovik team you can safely enjoy your passive income! 😃