Stake your crypto assets with us

Hey! We are a team of professional developers who maintain the nodes of popular blockchains. With us, you can stake your crypto assets and receive constant passive income from them.

Currently we fully support Solana’s Mainnet node, providing the highest performance and low skip rates.

Our servers are located in powerful data centers in Europe and North America, which additionally ensures the reliability of their work.

Also, by staking your SOLs, you will not only earn passive income, but also help maintain the decentralization of the network.

In addition, we emphasize that the Solana blockchain protocol ensures the complete safety of your funds: we do not have access to them, you can un-delegate them from our node at any time, even if it is offline. More about security and responsibility you can find at this link.

How to delegate: stake your crypto assets and begin to earn

You can stake your SOL by delegating them to our vote account:


You can do this with popular Solana wallets as Phantom or Solflare

Here is Cryptovik node info at website and explorer: - Stake your crypto assets in SOLANA blockchain with cryptovik team - Stake your crypto assets with Cryptovik node

Base information about Solana blockchain is on official website and in documentation “How to stake your assets on Solana”.

Enjoy passive income staking your crypto assets with us and have a nice day! 😉